Code Review Audit

Service Description

Discover problems that no automated bug detection software can detect, and deliver reliable software that meets launch dates and can scale to market demands. We check for proper software design, security best practices, correct fit between goals, languages and technologies, application performance, incorrect code, incorrect logic, testability, and conformance to best practices.

Consider this service if…

  • Your customers are complaining about bugs and performance problems
  • Your company is involved in a lawsuit concerning intellectual property infringement
  • Your backlog is filled with technical debt and new features are becoming more and more expensive and time-consuming
  • You are starting or ending a project and want to set the right standards, tone and quality
  • You are concerned about maintaining consistent code quality across releases
  • You need a due diligence code audit

Perfect for:

  • Catching problems that most automated tools, test cases, developers, and casual observers cannot
  • Internal quality control – “grade our work”
  • Due diligence in connection with purchase or sale
  • Improving user experience and brand image
  • Improving the quality, maintainability and scalability of your codebase
  • Determine conformance to industry best practices
  • Improving security
  • Identifying patentable technology


  • Code analysis by our expert consultants.
  • A detailed report including refactored and improved examples, suggestion for alterations, and a general critique of the code as a whole.
  • Virtual call to discuss any questions you may have about the report.

Your involvement:

  • N hour meeting with one of our senior consultants. They will meet with your team to gather as much information as possible about the code base and your concerns.
  • Provide access to the code base, and a contact for questions as they arise.
  • Review the documentation and ask clarifying questions.

Engagement Time:

1 to 5 days


  • 1 Senior Architect
  • 1 Senior Software Engineer
  • 1 Senior Interaction Designer

Project Management:

  • Team Leader Manages Work
  • Lightweight Documentation
  • Onsite Planning Sessions—One

Updates & Communication:

  • Status Email—Weekly
  • Calls—Weekly


Code Review Checklist:

  • Compliance with code style standard.
  • Compliance with patterns, such as MVC, MVVM, Factory, Singleton and others where applicable.
  • Overall usage of framework capabilities.
  • Representation layer check.
  • Business logic layer check.
  • Security principles check.
  • Database layer check.
  • Comments sufficiency check.
  • Miscellaneous recommendations.
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