Nitin Ranjan

Nitin Ranjan uses next generation Machine Learning and Edge Computing to build game-changing solutions to today’s most fundamental client challenges. 

He is focused on empowering people through bridging critical skill gaps with cognitive technologies; His work is founded in the belief that the human body is the most complex, interconnected innovation on the planet making humanistic design the most impactful and synergistic of all approaches.

With degrees in Industrial Instrumentation & Controls as well as Electrical Engineering, he has extensive experience in Data Science as well as a deep understanding of the complex intersection of electro-mechanical environments and the  machine learning necessary to deliver the latest in value-generating transformation. 

“I’m passionate about building products that boost productivity across industrial processes and that strengthen decision-making. I’m inspired by the way we can help business leaders transform their companies with the convergence of Machine Learning, Edge Computing, and Big Data. I’m a big AI enthusiast and am proud to evangelize the need for a new class of machine learning that is explainable, accountable, and ethical. Not biased.” 

  • Built several enterprise applications improving energy and operational efficiency for Fortune 500 companies
  • Progressed to formal leadership through ground-breaking initiatives, holistic thinking, and the skills to engineer complex technical solutions
  • Served on the Forbes Technology Council
  • Employed technology to predict seizures and anomalies during neurostimulation imaging research
  • Published Electric Vehicle (EV) Study measuring real-time predicted endurance based on driving conditions, style, location, and more to understand human / machine interactions
  • Design software architectures to function like the human brain by collecting, synthesizing, and processing situational, environmental, experiential, and domain knowledge to determine action