Native Apps

Service Description

Native apps are a type of software program specifically designed to work on a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. They are built for a specific operating system (usually iOS or Android) and must be downloaded from an app store. Native apps provide the ultimate mobile user experience giving customers a chance to interact with you at any time they please.

Consider this service if…

  • You are looking for ways to increase your value to customers
  • You recognize a need to increase customer engagement and brand recognition
  • You would like to create another sales channel
  • You are interested in another source of invaluable customer insights

Perfect for:

  • Mobile access
  • Provide comfort of mobile
  • Engaging with customers
  • Direct marketing channel
  • Building brand equity
  • Fewer interruptions
  • Satisfied customers
  • More conversions


  • Beautiful screen designs of your app’s user interface
  • Thoroughly tested and working app
  • Published app in the iOS and/or Android marketplaces

Your involvement:

  • 1-2 hour meeting with our UX team members. You tell us about your business and walk us through your website or product during the initial consultation. Please come prepared with “a founder mindset” (or invite your co-founders/CEO), and be ready to share your screen if we are holding the meeting remotely.
  • Provide login credentials for a trial/staging account, if existing
  • Stay in touch during the process, in case any questions arise.
  • Review designs and prototypes and ask clarifying questions.

Engagement Time:

6 weeks to 6 Months


  • 1 Product Manager
  • Up to 4 Developers, depending on the scope of the app
  • Up to 2 QA Testers
  • Up to 2 Interaction Designers

Project Management:

  • Team Leader Manages Work
  • Lightweight Documentation
  • Onsite Planning Sessions—Monthly
  • Tech Strategy Alignment—Quarterly

Updates & Communication:

  • Status Email—Weekly
  • Calls—Weekly
  • Updated Forecast—Monthly
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