Giving you knowledge
at your fingertips, to enable on-boarding, to train everyone, to drive support.  

Introducing Titan

Titan is a rich collaboration, and communication platform that powers knowledge base driven support, and corporate learning environments. Titan is beautiful, searchable, social and mobile friendly. Both your customers and employees will enjoy simple, instant help from a fully moderated community. Easily create and manage an online knowledge base. Enable your employees to solve tough problems together, anytime and anywhere.

Put your customers in
the driver’s seat

Don’t settle for a static and disorganized help experience. Cut out slow and costly content updates that depend on web experts. Transform your static FAQ pages or documents into a dynamic, searchable knowledge base. With a cloud architecture at its heart, Titan Innovation can grow to any size required by your business.

Replace your outdated FAQ

Use real-time customer feedback to improve your answers. Allow customers to tag questions so that search works better.
Design a dashboard that will support the structure of your content. Choose which content modules to include, their columns and order.
Customize the structure of content in a way that makes sense to your customers. Then they can find answers by topic and help themselves.
Make it simple to find all articles about one topic by tagging them with custom concepts and categories. Employees and customers will love finding related content by searching or clicking on one term.
Rather than hunting through lists, customers can type questions and get answers.
Notify active users of critical announcements with the sticky notification panel.
Provide a familiar brand experience by creating a corporate theme. Specify logos, primary and secondary colors, font choice, navigation and link styles.
Build manuals from articles to support training, or documentation needs.

Beautiful mobile content that’s always available

Titan lets you create articles and manuals with embedded images and videos. It provides your customers and employees a simple, knowledge based, CMS platform. Make life easy for everyone with mobile ready content. Customers and employees can access the platform anytime and anywhere. They can provide or receive support on the go reducing the number of issues for your call center.

Easy to set up and manage

Various administrative roles are available in Titan. People and content can be segmented into Organizations and Teams. These two containers and their privacy settings, provide simple but flexible control of your most valuable assets. Enable your customers to find solutions for common issues without having to raise a ticket. Curate an internal knowledge base for employees to facilitate quick resolution of issues.

Customer driven support

Reduce support costs by helping customers answer each others’ questions. Gather feedback from customers and convert it to helpful articles. Enable your support agents to address multiple customers with similar issues, at one time. Make groups where employees can collaborate on solving complex issues or authoring help content.

Open discussions

Create discussion groups so employees and customers can help each other and connect. In a few clicks you can encourage active customer collaboration, create and curate content and build customer loyalty. Group owners can manage permissions to content as well as moderate it. A robust notification system brings prompt attention to changes in the conversation, so questions can be addressed instantly.

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