Senior Experience Audit

Enabling accessible experiences through actionable insights

One of the fastest growing age demographics worldwide is people aged 65 and older. A 2019 study by Pew reported that at this point at least 73% of the people in this age bracket are online. According to the US Census Bureau, this is also the age demographic with the highest household income. Despite these facts, digital products don’t meet their needs.

Our Senior Experience Audit wants to help identify problem areas in your digital product. It will focus on parts of a site or app that are causing friction for older customers. We’ll review and analyze your product and provided customer data. With this in mind, we create design recommendations as examples of how your site could be more functional and user friendly.

In addition to your own data, we can provide usability suggestions relative to best practices in Ecommerce, Health, Banking, Government, Entertainment, News and Social Media products. Our report includes actionable insights which can immediately improve common issues like illegible text, tiny targets, and startling sounds.

Today’s seniors are savvy. They are likely to go elsewhere if a product has too many speed bumps. If your customer base includes users  65 and older you may be experiencing losses . Our Senior Experience Audit can help improve customer retention by aligning the experience to equitable products, services, and content. In this time of change with people stuck at home and more reliant on the Internet than ever, it’s important to authentically engage these underserved communities.

Why you need it

  • Customers have issues with basic functionality
  • The same support issues are consistently submitted
  • Free accounts have a low conversion rate to paid accounts
  • Employees waste time explaining the application to new customers
  • Customers complain about confusing UI or mobile compatibility

How it helps

  • Improving the two most important aspects for seniors, accessibility and readability
  • Aligning UI/UX with one of the fastest growing segments of the population
  • Reducing friction for key customer tasks
  • Identifying critical usability flaws in your core loops
  • Providing insights for visual style, typography, and content

Try before you buy

Right now it’s more important than ever to authentically engage underserved communities starting with the world’s population of seniors. Creating digital solutions that work for this growing and wealthy demographic is a valuable investment for your company and for society. In the time of COVID-19, we’re offering a complimentary Senior Experience Audit of your digital product. This tool will pinpoint areas that are less friendly to older users and set you on the path toward better practices in engaging with people age 65 and up.

All we need is a few details and we’ll do a quick 12 point audit then send you a scorecard with suggestions.

Engagement Time

  • 1–2 weeks

Updates & Communication

  • Weekly Status Email
  • 2 Calls: Initial Consultation and Report Walk through

Project Management

  • Dedicated project manager


  • 1 Interaction Designer
  • 1 Senior Interaction Designer


  • A comprehensive, actionable review of your web application presented as a PDF report.
  • If you have a lot of screens, we won’t cover all of them, just 10–15 key screens that provide the most important user experience.
  • We also include hands-on UI/UX work, where we implement the recommendations as comps.

Your involvement:

  • 1–2 hour meeting with our UX team members. You tell us about your business and walk us through your web app during the initial consultation. 
  • Provide login credentials for a trial/staging account.
  • Stay in touch during the process, in case any questions arise.
  • Review the audit results and ask clarifying questions. We’ll be happy to answer them and update the final version of the report.
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