Shifting workplace giving behavior by reframing the conversation

Fidelity Charitable


Fidelity Charitable asked us to connect disenfranchised donors to charities. They tasked us with designing around a global, social and inclusive donor outlook. Together we created a simple, trustworthy experience that is unique in the marketplace. It’s a data driven, user centered approach which is propelling an engine of impact. The innovative solution provides employers and employees an engaging way to give back.
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How people give to charities is changing. Transparency, technology and evolving attitudes toward wealth are reshaping the dynamic. People need more than to research a nonprofit or the convenience of online payments.

Donors are more discerning about where their dollars go. They approach philanthropy with a global, social and inclusive outlook. They are also optimistic about how philanthropy impacts the issues most important to them.

There are so many great charities out there. Yet, it’s hard to find one place that has a deep desire to help make life better for other people. Most sites supporting donations provide confusing access to top tier funds. Well supported charities are missing out and receiving no representation.

Fidelity identified a need. They asked us to come up with a way to connect all these donors to charities in an engaging way.


Innovation change needs innovative solutions. We crafted the ‘Shifting Giving’ project using our leading-edge design processes.

The most successful projects are actually partnerships with our clients. Fidelity Charitable were central to this intense collaborative process. Together, we focused on:

  • Specific measures of success
  • Rapid prototyping and
  • Continuous testing and improvement.

The result is one combined team, making things the right way. Less time invested in presentations and arbitrary deliverables creates a product everyone champions. Collaboration headlines included:

  • Understanding the user thru qualitative research
  • Addressing concerns and reactions via prototyping
  • Changing behaviors thru reframing the conversation and
  • Key innovations for that behavior change.

To shift ‘giving behavior’ we created a social experience with engaging gamification features. Fidelity’s solution delivers an experience that fosters connections between employers, employees and charities. Donors connect with a massive database. They find charities based on interest, type, and location.

The engaging interface makes it easier to raise money. Donors have access to charity lists created by some of the top philanthropists out there.


Powerful donor stories supported the success of this project. The site scored highly on the following factors:

  • easy to use
  • clear navigation
  • engaging content
  • finding information quickly

As the project progressed, our proof of concept (POC) provided meaningful and encouraging insights. It ran for one month and was open to 480 participants. Some great results included:

  • Donor conversion rate: 48.3%
  • Average donation target: $50
  • Average donation amount: $72

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