The Story Behind BLDG-25’s Name

It’s A Common Question We Get

Born in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina, we’re proud of our southern roots and we wanted our name to tie back to the local area.

Originally, BLDG-25 was started as a division within VACO, a business management consulting firm that provides services like placement, executive searches and strategic staffing. As we got the division off the ground, people continually thought we were just doing recruiting because of the Vaco name. But we were a creative, digital agency embedded inside of the walls of VACO. It was clear to us that the more this was happening and the more work we received, the more we knew we had to change our name. Nobody understood who we were or what we were doing.

We started with 90 different names and we were trying to think up of everything and anything we could. Like naming a child – we wanted to make sure people thought it was cool and wouldn’t make fun of it! We narrowed it down to four names and within that, we were surveying a lot and getting feedback on the names. There was one name that people kept coming back to and it was because of the curiosity. The name we ended up with was BLDG-25.

The idea of the name BLDG-25 originated from the IBM campus where in Building 25 all the innovation, microprocessing and creative solutions came out of – that’s us. We’re innovative and tied back in to our local roots. So we landed with that name but also there’s a lot of curiosity after we got the name.

Predominantly, almost everyone was associating BLDG-25 with Area 51. It felt like a big, unknown establishment and people couldn’t figure out what was going on in there – but what it did do well was to spark interest and start a conversation around it.

So! In 2010, we changed our name from VACO Design and Media (our original division within VACO) to BLDG-25 and in 2012, we initiated our first big multi-million dollar contract. In 2015, we spun out as our own corporation and the rest is history!

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