Transforming an enterprise learning platform with user centered design and development

InspirED by 2Revolutions


2Revolutions tasked us to re-envision their existing outdated learning platform. We knew that a complete overhaul was necessary. Starting from the ground up we designed and developed a new responsive experience.

This platform is allowing educators to reimagine the future of learning.

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2Revolutions is a national education design lab. They work to transform the American education system by disrupting the status quo. Education specialists feel they have permission and support to innovate. 2Revolutions aim to:

‘help entrepreneurial educators pull the very change levers available to them to make significant and lasting change’.

Educator professionals everywhere need support to change their practice. This change transforms learning models and systems.

To bring this vision to life, 2Revolutions tasked us to re-envision their existing and outdated learning platform.


Our strategic analysis helped everyone realize that a complete overhaul would be necessary. We pushed to accelerate the move toward new ways of teaching and learning.

The solution is a ground-breaking portal that develops connections among like-minded educators. This new responsive experience allows educators to:

  • Collaborate and share with one another
  • Build new learning content with ease
  • Track progress
  • Access valuable resources and
  • Leverage the talent of their peers

The InspirED platform gives simplified access to the best content and tools. It provides a sense of where to begin and how to manage the change process.


InspirED is the first social learning platform for educators to:

  • Connect with each other
  • Create and share resources and
  • Develop skills necessary to transform student learning.

The innovative portal is being well received by users as:

‘a practical solution to help realize 2Revolutions vision for the future of learning’.

It is proving to be a robust and simplified experience for catalyzing social impact. For the future of education, this is significant, scalable and sustainable.

Users report a reduced anxiety when first encountering the portal. The content creation and collaboration tools have transformed the way they are interacting. This is fostering a new kind of leadership defined by:

  • Discipline
  • Heart and
  • Transparent accountability for results.

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