Welcome to the team, Bruce Crain!

Bruce is our new Account Executive at BLDG-25

The BLDG-25 team is growing! We’ve got an awesome new employee to introduce. Please meet Bruce Crain!

Bruce, how do you introduce yourself to a room full of people you don’t know?

From a professional perspective, I help companies make money. I work with primarily young companies to help them grow by helping them to sell their products & solutions. Personally, I am a proud husband to Nicole for 33 years (we were 10 when we got married 😀) and I am a proud father to Kyle and grandfather to just-2-years-old “Brodhi.” I like to play soccer, all racket sports, kayaking & hiking. I am a huge Arsenal FC supporter. And my wife makes me love our two big black labs who we literally buy our automobiles “around”.

Why did you choose to work with BLDG-25?

I have known Troy and Grant outside of business for about 8 years. I trust them and I believe in the vision & future of BLDG-25 that they are trying to build. I want to be a part of “our” growth over the next decade. Also, I feel that our prospective customers fit nicely into my background & network of connections. I enjoy working with customers to help solve their challenges.

What’s your favorite picture that’s been taken of you within the last year?

This picture of my Son, Me, and Grandson

What’s one emerging tech prediction you have for the future? Let’s get it here in writing!

For 2020 my prediction is the rise of “Almost human friendship technology” – very life-like robot Service Dogs were introduced this year at CES this year. Mobile apps called “Replicas” (ala Blade Runner) that act as your best friend and learn what you like and don’t like as you speak to them. This tech incorporates AI and Learning Theory and, unfortunately, fills a real need in many peoples’ lives – “a friend that listens”.

What’s the last video game you played? The last book you read?

Wii tennis is the last video game I played (I know I will get flak for this answer from the BLDG-25 gang!) The last book was Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell.

What are two truths and a lie about you?

I was the first child ever to walk into Walt Disney World in Florida.
I have lived in Europe and North Africa.
In college, I won the NAIA division National Championship for soccer.

(The last one is false!)

Any other things you want to share about yourself?

Two big adventure / travel goals that I have on my bucket list are to hike the Mountain to Sea trail here in North Carolina & to visit the headwaters of the longest river in each USA state.

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