Welcome to the team, Grant Kaley!

Grant is our brand new CMO at BLDG-25

Big news from BLDG-25 headquarters – our team has grown! We’ve got an amazing new employee to introduce. Please say hello to Grant Kaley!

Grant, how do you introduce yourself to a stranger at a party?

I’m a I/E-NTP I/E borderline – I tend to go back and forth. But I’m a Dad before all else. Personally, I’m a business plan and value proposition geek. Soccer is big in my life. And admittedly, I have a youthful sense of humor.

Why did you choose to work with BLDG-25?

First and foremost, I believe in Troy’s vision and I believe in the project. I believe in what the brand represents – forefront of emerging technology, ensuring smart solutions for clients where we help validate the problem and then align the right level of technology through the innovation phases, ultimately designing experiences that delight using proven behavioral nudges. I believe we are the best, and I believe we have the right strategy to be the best for a long time. I believe I have a lot to offer by way of the incredible fortunes I have been provided to experience all elements of business development. I think BLDG-25 is unique, and is positioned to become a well-known and well-respected brand in the enterprise technology space.

What’s one emerging tech prediction you have for the future? Let’s get it here in writing!

The convergence of big data, AI, and distributed ledger (“blockchain”) will impact a multitude of areas when it comes to individual portability. I have studied the application of this in the world of finance and philanthropy, but this will also impact workforce planning, athletic recruiting and more. After collaborating with many experts in this space, I’ve also been learning how micro-credentialing will impact disorganized (and formal) learning and education. It’s a super relevant and intriguing space that we’ll see a lot of growth in over the next several years.

What’s the last book you read?

I usually read two books at a time, and go back and forth between the two books depending on my E/I mood. But right now, I’m in the middle of The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer. It’s an aggressive book, and the best products are the ones that really sell themselves (the value proposition is clear and targeted), but I like the energy and guidance Jeffrey offers around taking responsibility and not focusing on excuses. This is great advice to just about anyone in any role, but the application to selling is spot on.

What are two truths and a lie about you?

I hate this question, but will play along… I play the drums… I snowboard in shorts… I can break dance. But I will never lie, so snowboarding is made up. 😉

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