Welcome to the team, Tom Esposito!

Tom is our newest Developer

Big news from BLDG-25 headquarters – our team has grown! We’ve got an amazing new employee to introduce. Please say hello to Tom Esposito!

Tom joins BLDG-25 after working previously with Apex Systems and Combustion Group. As a Senior Developer at BLDG-25, he focuses primarily of the server side of projects. Currently, his language stack includes Javascript and Google’s Golang for servers – but he has a hobby of picking up new languages as he goes. One of the more obscure languages he’s picked up to date is Elm, a Javascript framework that has built up a whole language to handle everything.

Tom is a VR enthusiast who also dabbles in game development. Gaming-wise, Tom is active on Overwatch and has created mods for a few games (including Call of Duty 5 and Minecraft) in the past.

More importantly, he is also the owner of a cat named Cinnamon. She has an entire 12×12 bedroom to herself as she oversees all of Tom’s projects. Objectively, she is adorable.

His favorite ice cream is Green Tea Mochi and his favorite animal is a sub species of jellyfish that can go backwards in its life cycle (when it’s on the verge of starvation).

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