BLDG25 Featured In
CIO Review

CIOReview is a leading print journal for CIOs and the IT industry

BLDG25 is proud to announce our recent feature on the cover of CIOReview, a leading print magazine bridging the gap between enterprise IT vendors and buyers. As a knowledge network, it also offers a range of in-depth CIO/CXO articles, white papers, news, and more to help CIOs and IT leaders make informed decisions.

CIO Review says:

“BLDG25 has garnered an impressive list of clients over the years, including RBC Bank, TeleHealth, 2Revolutions, Raytheon, Fidelity, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield. [Grant] Kaley attributes the company’s success to the team that played a vital role in developing its robust business model and technology edge.

… BLDG25 is looking forward to ‘smart growth’ by staying attuned to its culture. “Our aim is to be the brand name for helping enterprises innovate,” concluded, CEO [Troy Knight.”

For more information about our gaming psychology capabilities, check out our latest white paper Upping Your Game through Behavioral Design by Dr. Julie Miller and Chris Haire.

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