Welcome to the New BLDG25

2020 presented unique challenges but also unprecedented technological power and insights to meet the moment. We took this time to examine our values, experiences, and strengths and found the clarity and vision for how we will apply them in this next phase of digital transformation for our clients.

We are excited to introduce you to a new chapter in the life of BLDG25 :

Experience Design for the Next Paradigm

BLDG25 combines a background in exploratory and creative game design with deep roots in enterprise product management to solve tomorrow’s big business challenges with the best of technology.

Our Archetype

We are a blend of the classical “Creator” and “Explorer” archetypes, creating harmonious order out of human motivation, big data, and complex infrastructure – and we do so as explorers looking at the whole of each problem. Our approach is multi-dimensional and we don’t shy away from novel solutions.

Read our story – from our roots in game design to our commitment to providing immersive, intuitive experiences. Take a look at our approach combining our Game Design DNA with Behavioral Science and a deep understanding of both the enterprise and the best of technology to impact areas ranging from Healthcare and Financial Services to Cybersecurity, Industrials, Supply Chain Solutions, and Retail.

Our Design Partners

We searched high and low for the right visual design team to create an identity worthy of our commitment and vision. We owe our gratitude to the design minds at TRÜF, made up of veteran brand and identity professionals out of Los Angeles who captured the essence of our ethos through modernistic geometric simplicity. Like BLDG25 itself, every detail was considered.

BLDG25 Mesh Design

Our Logo

Our new logo is organic, fluid, and flexible – an immersive experience in and of itself that calibrates to each viewer’s eye. It’s a play of opposites: science and art, business rigor and exploratory imagination, data analytics and creative visualization, innovation and practical concerns. It’s also an abstract eye symbolizing vision, insight, and intelligence. What do you see?

BLDG25 Logo

Our Colors

Our primary color is a shade of aqua that heralds the limitless possibilities of next generation technology. We also use it to categorize our healthcare and cybersecurity case studies and content. Our two tertiary colors are a warm coral for our industrials, supply chain, and retail case studies, and an immersive green that represents financial services and insurance projects.

BLDG25 New Colors

Our Photography

We’d like to thank our photographers, Raleigh-based portrait photographer Kathy Howard and lifestyle photographer, Giovanna Torrieri.

Bob Camp, Troy Knight, Chauncey Zalkin, and Chris Haire discussing around a table

Our Future

There’s a lot more to come. We hope you’ll be a part of it. In the meantime, here’s to a revitalizing 2021!