Welcome to the team, Pete Falzarano!

Pete is our new Director of Program Management at BLDG-25

The BLDG-25 team is growing even more! Please welcome Pete Falzarano as our newest employee!

Pete, how do you introduce yourself to a room full of people you don’t know?

I look for common interests after a brief introduction. You never know when you’ll find someone with a shared love of hobbies, movies, books, etc. I’d start out talking about my family, and maybe even some current events. Though I’d avoid discussing politics, especially these days.

Why did you choose to work with BLDG-25?

Because of Troy Knight. I’ve known Troy for many years. His business acumen, humble personality, and sharp wit have always stood out. He’s created something really special here at BLDG-25. The variety and complexity of our projects, and the brilliant and capable people here at BLDG-25 who make them successful also made choosing BLDG-25 an easy decision.

What’s one emerging tech prediction you have for the future? Let’s get it here in writing!

A new platform will emerge that will replace Facebook (without all the awfulness). Just a place to share pictures, stories, and events with family and close friends.

What’s the last video game you played? The last book you read?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: an open-world game with futuristic tech that is a lot of fun to adventure around with my good friends; To Sleep in a Sea of Stars (Christopher Paolini): I love science fiction, especially anything that takes place in the vastness of space and touches on interesting theories emerging in astrophysics.

What are two truths and a lie about you?

I love my family dearly, I watch Notre Dame football religiously, and professional football is better than college football (kidding, it isn’t and it’s not even close).

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