Connecting today’s financial decisions with tomorrow’s consequences



A global financial services group wanted to us reimagine their customer facing educational materials.

Our analysis deconstructed complex and daunting financial information into simple, clear storytelling. The financial allegory game we developed received rave reviews.

Customers are now engaged and motivated to take action in their own financial future.

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Fidelity Investments advise and assist with financial planning from complex wealth management to retirement needs. They believe in making the complex, simple. Their goal is to be straightforward and help people with their unique needs.

 Fidelity know that individuals don’t always connect what they do with their money today with how they will live tomorrow. They asked us for a 21st century way to help clients connect decisions with consequences.


We used our deep understanding of game mechanics to craft a compelling solution. The final gamification experience immerses employees in the benefits of saving and planning. It leverages peoples deep desire for socializing, learning, and achievement. Importantly, we tapped into that associated need to compete as individuals.

The learner dives deep, encouraged by the rich graphical play. Activity and progression loops create the stickiness to keep going. Repeated use helps to reinforce learning messages.

This solution is boosting productivity with both Fidelity teams and customers using their products.


Engaging environments can help better educate users and create a fun experience. The result for Fidelity is delivering more interest in 401k.

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