Evolving the patient experience for health care

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TeleHealth wanted a ground breaking and interactive experience to improve patient engagement. Using avatars and gamification user flows this engaging solution reimagines the patient journey. The result is a significant reduction of readmissions to hospitals.
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TeleHealth Services is the leading provider of interactive patient experience solutions to the U.S. healthcare industry.  Their impressive portfolio includes:

  • more than 2,500 client hospitals and clinics
  • 430 interactive patient care solutions and
  • 60 years of point-of-care expertise.

Patient engagement is an ongoing healthcare issue.  There is an urgent need to raise patient understanding of:

  • The procedures & care they will receive and
  • What to do when they return home.

TeleHealth Services came to us to help raise standards for a new patient experience.


Our strategic approach and design capabilities helped to reimagine the patient journey. We tapped into ‘TeleHealth Triple Aims’ of:

  • Improving the patient experience of care
  • Improving the health of populations and
  • Reducing per capita healthcare cost.

The result is a compelling  and evolutionary patient solution. Engaging use of avatars takes the patient through a creative interface design. Gamification user flows enhance the experience.

We are proud to part of the patient experience this industry had been missing:

  • Cloud-based technology solution
  • AI-driven virtual health coaches motivate patients
  • Smarter engine is responding to system-triggers and always adapting


This innovative solution gives health care providers a new set of tools.  It represents a positive movement toward patient learning, adherence and behavioral change:

  • Increasing activation
  • Providing entertainment & satisfaction and
  • Acting as a motivator for patients to modify long-term behavior.

 Use of virtual health coaches is helping patients better understand their discharge instructions. Health care professionals report this is having a significant impact on reducing readmissions.


“iCare is helping to engage and motivate patients with multiple touchpoints across the patient care continuum. Built on evidence-based research into empathy and motivation, re-engineered patient discharge and game theory, iCare Navigator transforms the way we educate and involve patients to take more responsibility in their own care.”

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