Increasing financial literacy through storytelling



Fidelity Investments came to us to reimagine their educational materials.

We broke-down complex and daunting financial information into simple clear storytelling. This created a solution tone and design aesthetic that is both approachable and trustworthy.

The videos and infographics we developed received rave reviews. Customers are more engaged and motivated to take action in their own financial future.

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Fidelity Investments assist with financial planning from complex wealth management to retirement needs. As the nation’s largest provider of retirement plan services, they manage billions in employee contributions for thousands of corporations.

Keeping clients happy depends on keeping their diverse plan participants engaged. Unfortunately, some financial products can seem so complicated that many employees struggle with the what, when, how, or why of these available solutions. This ‘learning gap’ can result in poor financial inertia.

Fidelity asked us to help increase financial literacy among their many clients’ employees.


BLDG-25 has a deep understanding of business needs in a fast changing world. Our creative solutions cater to some of the most progressive companies out there.

We used our latest techniques, processes and procedures to help Fidelity Investments make best use of their customers employee resources. The final learning solution leverages a variety of media solutions. It is designed to ‘raise the bar’ for those dealing with the complexities of Fidelity financial products.

We are pleased to report that our production approach delivered this product education suite out there in record time!


Fidelity’s clients now have better access to a large knowledge based library of videos. These are helping to better educate on each of the Fidelity product offerings.

The videos break down communications barriers which in turn is increasing financial literacy. Using videos, podcasts and infographics makes understanding easier and is inviting to customers.


1. Hermes Creative Awards Platinum Winner
2. MARCOM Awards Platinum Winner
3. Product of the year Silver Award
4. Corporate Insight Monitor Gold Award

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