Updating, modernizing and streamlining an enterprise training program

Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Louisiana


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana were concerned with disengaged learners and low training performances. Our extensive audit recommended a total curriculum redesign.

The solution was a new online portal. This supports instructors to build and house their learning content in one place. The result is higher engagement, retention, and performance on the floor.

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is the state’s oldest and largest health insurance agency. They have 2,300 employees helping 1.1 million members navigate new healthcare reform law. Their teams work on moderating healthcare costs, developing affordable products, and promoting health literacy.

This client tasked us with updating, modernizing and streamlining their existing training program. They needed a way to:

  • Create better engagement
  • Increase performance outputs and
  • Have systems to deliver continued workforce education.


We conducted an in-depth strategic analysis of the current curriculum. The final report championed an online and interactive personal learning portal.

The new platform allows individuals to move at their own pace. Learners are:

  • Supported and motivated to engage in a variety of focused learning initiatives
  • Helped to maintain engagement throughout the learning journey
  • Motivated to follow their own unique learning path to mastery and
  • Guided toward maximizing their potential for success.


Our integrated and personalized solution delivers many benefits for BCBSLA:

  • Centralized curriculum design enables prioritization for courseware maintenance
  • Smaller, reusable chunks for strategic agility, cross-training, and improved flexibility in the scheduling of training
  • Content is shared across different lines of business
  • Elimination of redundancy in design, development, and maintenance of courseware
  • Increased range of delivery channels (eLearning, serious games, collaboration etc)
  • Quality analytics leveraged for coaching, improved decision-making and training prescriptions and
  • Uniform commitment to ongoing learning in place.

The portal is proving to be a more effective tool for BCBSLA management. Learners enjoy focused support with real time feedback and analytics.

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