Using a serious game to train for life or death scenarios



Air traffic controllers maintain the flow of planes in and out of airports and in flight. This is well recognized as one of the most stressful jobs. The last thing an air traffic controller wants to do after work is take training courses. We designed a fun and engaging simulation that they loved.

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Raytheon systems assist air traffic controllers to safely manage 2/3 of the world’s airspace. Air traffic control (ATC) is a career like no other. To join this dedicated community of highly-trained professionals is challenging and demanding work.

The learning process for controllers is tough. Raytheon reached out to us for a fun and engaging way to better train their ATC trainees.


This challenge demanded all our creative, technical and learning expertise to develop.

We devised a multi-level simulated game aimed at increasing learner retention. Learner participation develops a healthy competition between training class users.

Leveraging gamification, game mechanics and outstanding UX design, this leading-edge solution provides:

  • Analytics and leaderboards
  • Reporting and tracking system to display analytics
  • Increasing engagement through competition
  • Better involvement of trainers with their trainees


The result exceeded all expectations!

Instructors are seeing excellent trainee engagement with the simulated experience. The solution is helping ATCOT’s relate to real-life scenarios. They develop an increased learning retention – and it’s proving to be great fun at the same time!

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